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Ranchos Del Mexico (2009 TV series)




title = DVD


Directed by

Crspin Glover Mel Gibson

Written by

Alan Villarruel (novel) Jose Fajlias (adaptation)

Script by

María Zarattini

Cinematography by

Miguel Valdés


José Rendón


- William Levy

- Alision Lozz

- Sebastian Zurita

- Lea Thompson

- Michael J Fox

Music by

Marco Antonio Solis & Elvis Presley

Theme song

Ranchos Del Mexico

Performed by


Country of origin





Original channel





Mexico: June 14, 2005 - Present

USA: March 2 2010- Present July 13, 2009 - Present

No. of episodes

60 of 30 minutes

2008 William Levy and Allison Lozz in the New Version of Ranchos Del Mexico


[hide] 1 Awards

2 Cast

3 Plot

4 External links

['edit'] Awards

This production earned the TP de Oro Award in 2009/10 for Best Telenovela and the TVyNovelas Award for Best Telenovela of the Year in 2010. These awards are considered the most prestigious television awards in Spain and Mexico And The United Statesrespectively.

It also received the 2010 Telegatto Award in Italy where the telenovela, as "Cuore Selvaggio" became a big success and made Palomo a star in that country and received the La Giara d'Argento award in .


William Levy as Juan Jose Cubos

Alisson Lozz as Annia Garcia

Sebastian Zurita as Martin Del Jesus Garcia

Lea Thompson as Andréa Goodman

Michael J Fox as Johnny Goodman

Eduardo Yanez as Juan Carlos De Los Angeles

Eugenio Siller as Alberto de la Serna

César Évora as Marcelo Romero Vargas

[[Eric Del Castillio]] as Amando Romero Vargas

[[Ana Martin]] as Azucena

[[Tim Allen]] as Scott Fisherman

Raul Ariza as Martin Cajiga

[[Christopher Lloyd]] as Doc Brown

[[Miley Cryus]] as Countess Catalina de Altamira

[[Crispin Glover]] as George McFly

[[Laura Flores]] as Juanita

[[Billy Ray Cryus]] King Jorge De Rivera

[[Aracely Arámbula]] Lupe

[[Luis Miguel]] as Joaquín Martínez

[[Barack Obama]] as Himself (Only Seen In Pictures]]

[[Mr Strickland]] as Himself

[[Mary Steenburger]] as Dolores

[[Fernando Colunga]] as Dray Domingo

[[Antonio Banderas]] as Juan Martin Del Jesus Cubos

Suzette Villarruel as Teresa

Alan Villarruel as Capitán Espíndola

Antonio Villarruel as Lic. Mondragón

Anthony Villarruel as Pedro

[[Ryan Newman]] as Andréa Goodman as child

Gonzalo Sánchez as Johhny Goodman as child

Mónika Sánchez as Rosa

[[Jeremy Irons]] as Bautista Rosales's Assistant

[[Meryl Streep]] as Meche

['edit'] Plot

For the plot see the article about the original novel: Corazón salvaje.

['edit'] External links

Ranchos Del Mexico at the Internet Movie Database

Ranchos Del Mexico Fan Website

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