� Alan Villarruel Was Born In Feburary 16 1999, He Is An Mexican-American Actor, Villarruel Goes To School At Alice Birney School, He Currently Works In Your'e In The Movies Studios ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Early Life� Alan Solis Jesus Villarruel Was Born To Martha Solis And Antonio Villarruel, He Was Roman-Catholic, Hie Later Went To Jefferson Kindergarten Later Went To Lafayette School __________________________________________________________________________________________ Adult Life Villarruel Went To Your'e In The Movies In The Movies University And Attended Alice Birney School And Graduated From College Vilarruel Became An Actor He Work Making Funny And Scary Movies That Made People Laugh He Work 5 Hours A Day, Alan Been One Of The Richest Man Of The World He Later Opened A Home Living Club For Adults And Children And Opened A District Of Clubs Called ClubKids He Later Hired Juliana, Biff Tannen, George McFly, And Marty McFly For House Guards Alan Later Recived A Award Of The Luckest Men In Earth, Later He Won A Billion Dollars Later He Opened A Family Fun Center Called Disneys Redwood Kings Park, Alan Later Turned His House Kicthen To A Beatfiul Resturant, And Turned His House Parts To Beatiful Shops Like Macys, Nordstrom, Dillards, Old Navy, Marshalls, And TJ Maxx Later Turned Part Of His Room Into A Private Chuck'e Cheese He Turned His Whole House Into A Beatfiul Shopping Center Called 6th Street Mall. __________________________________________________________________________________________ Personal Life Alan Is Currently A Actor He Has 3 Brothers And One Sister

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